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The ICA Environmental Communication Division aims to advance research on the interplay of the environment with any level of communication and in any setting. Research on health, risk, and science communication issues related to the environment are especially germane. The group welcomes work from any perspective (including critical, cultural, ethnic/minority, feminist) employing any research method motivated by sound research questions about environmental communication.

The group seeks to foster a relationship with other scholarly environmental communication associations to forge global ties among academics and practitioners of environmental communication to increase research, education, funding, and publication opportunities.

The Environmental Communication Division is also a vehicle for advancing the Greening of ICA in the areas of scholarship and education. It will help communication scholars improve the environmental performance of their universities, the media industries, and environmental organizations. The group will support members to integrate sustainability issues into their teaching and promote research in this area.

The interest group began with it's initial meeting at ICA 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts with nearly 40 attendees. In 2012 we established bylaws and a full set of officers. By 2013 we had more than 180 members, and 2014 over 200 to gain Division Status. We maintain a a group web site (see link above) and discussion forums for group members in the MyICA/Organization Tools area of the ICA web site.


The International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) has announced their next 10-week session of Environmental Communication: Research Into Practice which will run from September 14 to November 20, 2015.

This course will explore how the most relevant research and theory from fields such as communication, psychology, sociology, and political science can be used to improve the practice of science, sustainability and environmental communication. Participants will get an overview of the field as we will examine how language, images, and media come together in advocacy and social marketing campaigns, and other forms of public participation for environmental protection. We will consider how communication is used to accomplish practical goals, as well as how it affects people's perceptions of nature and environmental affairs. To do this we will use readings, examples, cases, recorded lectures, discussions, and the insights of leaders in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to work on communication projects that are relevant to their specific interests.

Space is limited. Enroll now at https://theieca.org/training/environmental-communication-research-practice

New book of interest for Science and Environmental Communication Scholars

Professors Jennifer Peeples and Stephen Depoe are pleased to announce the publication of the edited book Voice and Environmental Communication, part of the Palgrave Series in Media and Environmental Communication.

Voice and Environmental Communication explores how people give voice to, and listen to the voices of, the environment. The collection includes nine original essays organized into three sections: Voice and Environmental Advocacy, Voice and Consumption, and Listening to Non-human Voices. Four notable scholars reflect on these chapters, and provide both an audience to the scholars as well as a forum for extending their own understanding of voice and the environment. This foundational book introduces the relationship between these two fundamental aspects of human existence and extends our knowledge of the role of voice in the study of environmental communication.

For further information, please visit


For information on Palgrave's series:



It's a new initiative designed to encourage academics in all disciplines and countries to engage with their students and communities on climate change. It will run from October 19-25 this year in the lead-up to the UN Conference of the Parties meeting in Paris in December.


IVSA 2016

Visualizing Sustainability. Imagined Futures.

22-24  June

Lillehammer University of Applied Sciences, Norway CALL FOR PAPERS The International Visual Sociology Association invites abstracts for its 34th annual meeting, to be held at Lillehammer University of Applied Sciences, Norway, June 22-24, 2016. Abstracts and symposia may address general topics relating to visual methods, theories, and other aspects central to visual sociology and the visual analysis of society and culture, as well as the general theme of the conference, ?Visualizing Sustainability. Imagined futures.? We encourage submissions from those interested in the visual research and thinking from sociology and related social sciences; communications and media; cultural studies; film and photographic studies; photojournalism and related practices. We encourage those unfamiliar with visual methods and analysis to visually innovate and experiment in their respective substantive specializations. The IVSA is rooted in the discipline of sociology but welcomes participation from a wide range of disciplines.

Preference will be given to presentations that use visual material (images or video).

Specific themes may include but not be limited to the following:

  • visual methods in the study of sustainability
  • the visual study of nature and human presence in the world
  • the visual analysis of environmental problems and crises
  • the visual dimension of social movements for human sustainability
  • the visual imagination of a sustainable ecological world

Please note: the list above is suggestive and not exhaustive. As the first conference to address this important theme, we expect a wide range of creative approaches, ideas and presentations, including papers with images, videos, photo essays, multi-media, fine arts and other modes of visual expression.

More information is on www.visualsociology.org Deadline for symposia is 22  of January 2016 and February 1  for abstracts. Please submit here:


If your proposal is accepted you will be invited to join the IVSA in order to participate in the conference.



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