Game Studies


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The study of games and the game experience offers opportunities for the study of human communication that involve multidisciplinary approaches that merge the disciplines of conventional communication studies and research, arts and visual design, cognitive studies, computer sciences, cultural studies, engineering social sciences, health sciences, and information design.

Although the common ground for the division is digital and video games, the group encompasses a broad range of inquiry topics and methods. It serves as fertile meeting ground for the exchange of ideas among a very broad spectrum of disciplines.


PhD Studentship: ‘Digital Media, Computer Games and Cultural Memory’

A 4-year PhD position in Computer Game Studies at UiT Tromsø (Norway), on ‘Digital Media, Computer Games and Cultural Memory’, is now available. Application deadline is 11 September 2014.

Please forward this link to possible candidates you might be aware of:

Applicants do not have to speak/learn Norwegian to apply. English will do just fine.

Please direct any queries to Holger Pötzsch <>



  • Rachel Kowert, Secretary
  • James D. Ivory, Game Studies IG Chair
  • Nicholas David Bowman, Game Studies IG Vice-Chair
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