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The study of games and the game experience offers opportunities for the study of human communication that involve multidisciplinary approaches that merge the disciplines of conventional communication studies and research, arts and visual design, cognitive studies, computer sciences, cultural studies, engineering social sciences, health sciences, and information design.

Although the common ground for the division is digital and video games, the group encompasses a broad range of inquiry topics and methods. It serves as fertile meeting ground for the exchange of ideas among a very broad spectrum of disciplines.


Call for Papers: The 100 Greatest Video Game Characters (working title)

Robert Mejia (State U of New York, Brockport), Co-Editor

Jaime Banks (West Virginia U), Co-Editor

Aubrie Adams (U of California, Santa Barbara), Co-Editor

The field of game studies has grown substantially since the turn of the century, and yet the field lacks a rigorous reference collection on the cultural significance of video game characters. Such a reference collection is needed as it can be difficult for even well-versed scholars to keep track of the range and complexity of the many significant characters that populate the industry.

Hence, we are seeking essays for an edited collection on the cultural and historical significance of 100 video game characters. The collection, titled “The 100 Greatest Video Game Characters,” will be published by Rowman & Littlefield in early 2017. This collection will serve as a companion volume to the edited collection, titled “The 100 Greatest Video Games.”

Academics, game industry personnel, gaming journalists, and others are invited to submit proposals addressing the historical and cultural significance of a specific video game character. Suggested characters include (but are not limited to):

Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII


American McGee’s



Carmen Sandiego

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego

Chris Redfield

Resident Evil

Chun Li

Street Fighter


The Walking Dead

Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII


Shadow of the Colossus

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem


Oregon Trail

Elaine Marley

Monkey Island


Assassin’s Creed

Fat Princess

Fat Princess



Gordon Freeman Half Life



Mecha-HitlerWolfenstein 3D


Beyond Good & Evil




God of War

Lara Croft

Tomb Raider

Lee Everett

The Walking Dead

Lich King



Final Fantasy XIII

Little Sisters



Legend of Zelda


Mario Bros.


Mario Bros.

Master Chief


Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Mega Man

Mega Man

Nathan DrakeUncharted



Origami Killer

Heavy Rain




Mario Bros.

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright



Progenitor Virus

Resident Evil


Little Big Planet

Samus Aran



Final Fantasy VII

Shiva Alomar Resident Evil 5

Solid Snake

Metal Gear


Sonic the Hedgehog




Final Fantasy VI


Legend of Zelda


We welcome (1) proposals focusing on characters listed above or (2) proposals suggesting characters not listed above. The hope is that this collection will serve as a rigorous reference guide to the historical and cultural significance of 100 of the most important video game characters. Likewise, considering that the field of game studies consists of academics, industry professionals, and journalists, we encourage contributors to submit with an eye toward academic and non-academic audiences alike.

Please submit the following: (1) an abstract (250 word max) addressing the rationale for inclusion of your selected or proposed character in terms of the character’s cultural and historical significance; (2) a short bio (250 word max); and (3) a 1-page CV or 1-page publication list emphasizing expertise in game studies to by 1 November 2015. Authors will be notified by 1 December 2015 if their proposals have been accepted. Full essays should be within the range of 800 – 1000 words, submitted as a Word or Rich Text Format. Full essays will be due by 15 January 2016. Multiple submissions are acceptable. For more information please contact the co-editors at


  • Aubrie Serena Adams, Member
  • Angela Alilonu, Member
  • Hugo Aranzaes, Member
  • Jaime Banks, Member
  • Grace Ann Benefield, Member
  • Christopher Bingham, Member
  • Frank Biocca, Member
  • Max Valentin Birk, Member
  • Louis Bosshart, Member
  • Edward Brennan, Member
  • Johannes Breuer, Member
  • J. Alison Bryant, Member
  • Patrice M. Buzzanell, Member
  • Nick Carcioppolo, Member
  • Ulla Carlsson, Member
  • Li Chen, Member
  • Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen, Member
  • Wenhong Chen, Member
  • Michelle Colder Carras, Member
  • Mia L. Consalvo, Member
  • Estelle de Beer, Member
  • Frederik de Grove, Member
  • Emese Domahidi, Member
  • Norah E. Dunbar, Member
  • Malte Elson, Member
  • David R. Ewoldsen, Member
  • Raul Ferrer Conill, Member
  • Ruth Festl, Member
  • Lena Frischlich, Member
  • Homero Gil de Zuniga, Member
  • Gerard Michael Goggin, Member
  • John Paul Gutierrez, Member
  • Michael L. Haley, Member
  • Tilo Hartmann, Member
  • Francois Heinderyckx, Member
  • Matthias Hofer, Member
  • Richard Wayne Huskey, Member
  • Ahmed Ibrahim, Member
  • James D. Ivory, Member
  • Jeroen Jansz, Member
  • Eui Jun Jeong, Member
  • Dal Yong Jin, Member
  • Sven Joeckel, Member
  • Amy B. Jordan, Member
  • Younbo Jung, Member
  • Adam S. Kahn, Member
  • Kerk F. Kee, Member
  • Emily Kendirck, Member
  • Subuhi Khan, Member
  • Gawon Kim, Member
  • Hyo D. Kim, Member
  • Christoph Klimmt, Member
  • Kevin Koban, Member
  • Castulus Kolo, Member
  • Rachel Kowert, Member
  • Anna Sophie Kuempel, Member
  • Satoko Kurita, Member
  • Pilar Lacasa, Member
  • Annie Lang, Member
  • Jennifer Le, Member
  • Jeroen S Lemmens, Member
  • Dan Leopard, Member
  • Serena Leow, Member
  • Sonia Livingstone, Member
  • William Earl Loges, Member
  • Chelsea Lonergan, Member
  • Amy Shirong Lu, Member
  • Sam Luna, Member
  • Teresa Lynch, Member
  • Kateryna Maltseva, Member
  • Rory McGloin, Member
  • Andre Melzer, Member
  • Nathalie Marina Meyer, Member
  • Lynn Carol Miller, Member
  • Yasutoshi Mori, Member
  • Peter Ohler, Member
  • Jeremy Ong, Member
  • Fabio Palamedi, Member
  • Scott J. Patterson, Member
  • Ei Pa Pa Pe Than, Member
  • Jorge Pena, Member
  • David D. Perlmutter, Member
  • Daniel Pietschmann, Member
  • Tamas Polya, Member
  • Nathaniel D. Poor, Member
  • Robert F. Potter, Member
  • Benjamin Prchal, Member
  • Thorsten Quandt, Member
  • Arthur A. Raney, Member
  • Glenna Lee Read, Member
  • Felix Reer, Member
  • Leonard Reinecke, Member
  • Diana Rieger, Member
  • Kristine L Rosa, Member
  • Armando Rubi III, Member
  • Leonie Margaret Rutherford, Member
  • Kjetil Sandvik, Member
  • Laura Sawyer, Member
  • Michael Schmierbach, Member
  • Douglas Schules, Member
  • Adrienne Shaw, Member
  • Ronen Shay, Member
  • John L. Sherry, Member
  • Akiko Shibuya, Member
  • Marko M. Skoric, Member
  • Stephen Wonchul Song, Member
  • Marloes L.C. Spekman, Member
  • Nathan Stolero, Member
  • Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Member
  • S. Shyam Sundar, Member
  • Yael Swerdlow, Member
  • Robert C. Swieringa, Member
  • Ron Tamborini, Member
  • Wai Yen Tang, Member
  • Chen-Chao Tao, Member
  • Swee Kiat Tay, Member
  • Christopher Andrew Theunissen, Member
  • Shane Tilton, Member
  • Swapnil Sudhakar Torne, Member
  • J Louis Travis, Member
  • Julian Unkel, Member
  • Charu Uppal, Member
  • Lena Uszkoreit, Member
  • Jan Van Looy, Member
  • Antonius J. van Rooij, Member
  • Heidi Vandebosch, Member
  • Melanie Verhovnik, Member
  • Jens Vogelgesang, Member
  • Jennifer Walinga, Member
  • Hua Wang, Member
  • Ellen Wartella, Member
  • Robert H Wells, Member
  • Michael J. West, Member
  • David Keith Westerman, Member
  • Jodi L. Whitaker, Member
  • Claudia Wilhelm, Member
  • Dmitri Williams, Member
  • Donghee Yvette Wohn, Member
  • Julia K. Woolley, Member
  • Yishin Chu Wu, Member
  • Tim Wulf, Member
  • Min Xiao, Member
  • Simeon John Yates, Member
  • Barbie Zelizer, Member
  • Nicholas David Bowman, Chair
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