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History is one of the most well-established themes in the study of communication. Recent years have witnessed an intensification of this interest in history. Those doing historical work in communication now have a designated home in the International Communication Assocation: the Communication History Division.

The notion of 'communication history,' in this division, pulls together no fewer than three major areas of research:

I) The History of Communication, including Media History
This branch of communication history involves research that concerns itself with issues in the history of communication praxis. What is commonly called media history will be a major component of this area of communication history. Much of the historical work in the field of communication addresses this set of issues.

II) The History of the Idea of Communication
Scholars who address this issue take on one of the fundamental task of understanding how communication has been conceptualized, as well as how and why these conceptualizations have changed over time.

III) The History of the Field of Communication
This subfield in communication history provides a home to those who ask questions about how the study of communication has developed. Much as other social sciences (including psychology, sociology, anthropology,
and economics) feature subfields that address their own histories, the history of the field of communication allows us to engage in a reflexive dialogue concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the institution of communication studies.

The purpose of this Interest Group is to promote theory, research, and professional education in the history of communication. This Interest Group will bring together scholars who face similar intellectual and methodological challenges.


Call for Candidates: Comm History Div. Secretary, deadline July 30

Late this summer, it will be time to elect a new secretary to serve on the Communication History executive board. After two years of exemplary service to the division, Nicole Maurantonio’s term in the role will come to a close after the San Juan conference. On behalf of the group, thanks, Nicole!

We invite candidates to stand for the position. The length of the term is two years, beginning on the last day of the San Juan, Puerto Rico conference (May 25, 2015) and running through the last day of the San Diego conference (May 29, 2017). The primary responsibilities involve keeping minutes at business meetings and, more generally, participating in board-level conversations throughout the year with regard to conference planning, pre-conference planning, and divisional affairs. If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to contact me ( or any other members of the board.

If you’d like to stand for the position, please send me your contact information and a short statement (maximum 300 words). The statement should briefly describe your background and what you hope to bring to the role. The deadline for statements is Wednesday, July 30, 2014.





Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal Launching in 2015

Editors Michael Bull, Professor of Sound Studies, U of Sussex, UK

Veit Erlmann, Professor of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology, U of Texas at Austin, USA


Call for Papers


Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal will be an international, peer reviewed and inter-disciplinary journal in sound studies, providing a unique forum for the development of the subject within a range of disciplines such as ethno/musicology history, sociology, media and cultural studies, film studies, anthropology, philosophy, urban studies, architecture, arts and performance studies. The journal will encourage the study and research of sound by publishing submissions that are interdisciplinary, theoretical, empirically rich and critical in nature and situated at the cutting edge of sound studies. It will build upon the pioneering work of key academics in the field such as Veit Erlmann, Douglas Kahn and Jonathan Sterne, and encourage further innovative thinking.

For its inaugural issue Sound Studies invites original work on any aspect of sound that meets the above criteria.

(Print): ISSN 2055-1940

(Online): ISSN 2055-1959


Paper submission, if you wish to be considered for the first issue: 15 August 2014

Notification of acceptance: 15 October 2014

Final Draft submitted to editors: 15 November 2014

Initially, please submit an abstract of between 300-500 words, accompanied by a C.V. to the editors at (

If you would like your article to be considered for inclusion in the first issue of Sound Studies then abstracts should be submitted no later than 15 May 2014. Full manuscripts would need to be submitted no later than 15 August 2014. Articles submitted after this date will be considered for future issues of the journal.


For more information, and a copy of the journal's style guide, contact the editors at or visit




  • Richard K. Popp, Chair
  • David W. Park, Vice-Chair
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