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History is one of the most well-established themes in the study of communication. Recent years have witnessed an intensification of this interest in history. Those doing historical work in communication now have a designated home in the International Communication Assocation: the Communication History Division.

The notion of 'communication history,' in this division, pulls together no fewer than three major areas of research:

I) The History of Communication, including Media History
This branch of communication history involves research that concerns itself with issues in the history of communication praxis. What is commonly called media history will be a major component of this area of communication history. Much of the historical work in the field of communication addresses this set of issues.

II) The History of the Idea of Communication
Scholars who address this issue take on one of the fundamental task of understanding how communication has been conceptualized, as well as how and why these conceptualizations have changed over time.

III) The History of the Field of Communication
This subfield in communication history provides a home to those who ask questions about how the study of communication has developed. Much as other social sciences (including psychology, sociology, anthropology,
and economics) feature subfields that address their own histories, the history of the field of communication allows us to engage in a reflexive dialogue concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the institution of communication studies.

The purpose of this Interest Group is to promote theory, research, and professional education in the history of communication. This Interest Group will bring together scholars who face similar intellectual and methodological challenges.


Call for Paper Proposals

Communities of Communication II: Newspapers and Periodicals in Britain and Ireland from 1800 to 1900
10-11 September 2015, U of Edinburgh
Organised by the Office of Lifelong Learning, U of Edinburgh

As part of an ongoing initiative to map current research in British and Irish press history, this conference will provide a forum for the discussion of a broad range of thematic and methodological approaches to nineteenth-century journalism. It follows on from a similar conference held at Sheffield University’s Centre for Journalism Studies in September 2014.

This conference, like its 2014 predecessor, aims to contribute to a planned series on British and Irish newspapers and periodicals commissioned by Edinburgh University Press under the general editorship of Professor Martin Conboy (Sheffield) and Professor David Finkelstein (Edinburgh). It provides a significant opportunity for scholars to develop work based on fresh research, including the various digital resources now available. We are pleased to note that Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones, Chief Executive and Librarian of the National Library of Wales, will give the keynote address.

We welcome papers addressing any of the following areas:

· Individual publications of note; important/significant editors/owners/journalists

· Thematic overviews, particularly ones that examine concepts such as the public sphere, definitions of the press in 19th century contexts, or the political economy of the press

· Assessments of regionaland national identity, including the role of publications in articulating ethnic and gendered identities throughout the period across and within the 19th century nation states of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

· The movement of print information across space and time

· Print and media networks and communication structures

· Contextualisations of press and newspaper activity within a social history of communication

· Contextualisations of print media as shaped by technological, political and cultural forces

· Surveys of the extension and expansion of readership

· Patterns of migration and national, regional, global communication exchanges

· Analyses of newspaper and periodical publishing in specific cities or regions

· The newspaper and periodical press as a physical artifact

· Aspects of visual culture, including graphic design, illustration and technological developments in both newspaper and periodical press.

· The commodification and professionalisation of journalism and the periodical press

· The role of the reader in press interactions, such as through letters pages, editorials and responses to and engagements with media campaigns.

20-minute presentations are invited which engage with any of the broad themes above. Queries re the planned programme or initiative can be directed to Prof. David Finkelstein at

Presentation proposals of 300-500 words can be submitted via the conference website at, outlining which strand of the call will be addressed.



  • Colin Agur, Member
  • Angela Alilonu, Member
  • Gene Allen, Member
  • Meryl Alper, Member
  • C.W. Anderson, Member
  • John N. Anderson, Member
  • Megan Sapnar Ankerson, Member
  • Noah Arceneaux, Member
  • Ronald C. Arnett, Member
  • Stefanie Gertrud Averbeck-Lietz, Member
  • Nadya Bair, Member
  • Oliver Baisnee, Member
  • Gabriele Balbi, Member
  • Sara Bannerman, Member
  • Kevin G. Barnhurst, Member
  • Sid Bedingfield, Member
  • Catherine L. Benamou, Member
  • Louise M. Benjamin, Member
  • Guenter Bentele, Member
  • Thomas Birkner, Member
  • Sharon A. Black, Member
  • Henrik bodker, Member
  • Allan Richard Botica, Member
  • Sandra Braman, Member
  • Jose Antonio Brambila, Member
  • Edward Brennan, Member
  • Peter Bro, Member
  • Niels Brugger, Member
  • Florin Buechel, Member
  • Patrice M. Buzzanell, Member
  • Matt Carlson, Member
  • Meta Gail Carstarphen, Member
  • Margaret Cassidy, Member
  • Giselle Q Chen, Member
  • Lilie Chouliaraki, Member
  • Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen, Member
  • Dane S. Claussen, Member
  • Mike Conway, Member
  • Robert T. Craig, Member
  • Brian Mac-Ray Creech, Member
  • James Curran, Member
  • Estelle de Beer, Member
  • Dave Deckert, Member
  • Everette E. Dennis, Member
  • Michael H Dick, Member
  • Kevin Driscoll, Member
  • Kirsten Drotner, Member
  • Katherine A. Dunsmore, Member
  • Frank D. Durham, Member
  • William F. Eadie, Member
  • Lisa Enright, Member
  • Christine Evans, Member
  • David R. Ewoldsen, Member
  • Suzanne Franks, Member
  • Janie M. Harden Fritz, Member
  • Raul Fuentes-Navarro, Member
  • Kathleen M. Galvin, Member
  • Seeta P. Gangadharan, Member
  • Elin Gardestrm, Member
  • Heidi C Gautschi, Member
  • Nicholas Gilewicz, Member
  • Jock Given, Member
  • Peter Joseph Gloviczki, Member
  • Gerard Michael Goggin, Member
  • Katie Day Good, Member
  • David Charles Goodman, Member
  • Ian Gordon, Member
  • Shashwati Goswami, Member
  • Lucas Graves, Member
  • Kevin M. Grieves, Member
  • Michael S. Griffin, Member
  • Jostein Gripsrud, Member
  • Kristin L. Gustafson, Member
  • John Paul Gutierrez, Member
  • Andrea L. Guzman, Member
  • Susan D. Haas, Member
  • Martin L. Hadlow, Member
  • Nour Halabi, Member
  • Michael L. Haley, Member
  • Donna Lee Halper, Member
  • Mark Princi Hannah, Member
  • Lada Hanzelinova, Member
  • John Hartley, Member
  • Joy Elizabeth Hayes, Member
  • Francois Heinderyckx, Member
  • Rasmus Helles, Member
  • Martin E.D. Henry, Member
  • Nicholas Hirshon, Member
  • Berkley Hudson, Member
  • Donald Hurwitz, Member
  • Syed Arabi Idid, Member
  • Caroline Jack, Member
  • Jeroen Jansz, Member
  • Deborah Lynn Jaramillo, Member
  • John Jenks, Member
  • Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Member
  • Dal Yong Jin, Member
  • Steven Jones, Member
  • Amy B. Jordan, Member
  • Matthew F. Jordan, Member
  • Sung-Wook Jung, Member
  • Adam S. Kahn, Member
  • Ekaterina Kalinina, Member
  • ze ke, Member
  • Kerk F. Kee, Member
  • Susan Keith, Member
  • Emily Kendirck, Member
  • Susanne Kinnebrock, Member
  • Carolyn Kitch, Member
  • Juraj Kittler, Member
  • Alexandra Castro Klaren, Member
  • Christian Kolmer, Member
  • Hanae Kurihara Kramer, Member
  • Emanuel Kulczycki, Member
  • Steve J. Kulich, Member
  • Corrina Laughlin, Member
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  • Melanie Leidecker, Member
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  • Sonia Livingstone, Member
  • Philip Lodge, Member
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  • Liezel Longboan, Member
  • Deborah Lubken, Member
  • Sam Luna, Member
  • Lars Lundgren, Member
  • Melanie Magin, Member
  • Brenton John Malin, Member
  • Dudley R Marcum, Member
  • Michael Thomas Martinez, Member
  • Luiz Claudio Martino, Member
  • Nicole Maurantonio, Member
  • Vicki Mayer, Member
  • William Thomas McClain, Member
  • J. Patrick McGrail, Member
  • David McKie, Member
  • jamie mckown, Member
  • Shahrina Md Nordin, Member
  • Melissa R. Meade, Member
  • Manuel Menke, Member
  • Michael Meyen, Member
  • Michael Keith Middleton, Member
  • James Miller, Member
  • Youngeun Moon, Member
  • Paul S Moore, Member
  • Maria Mordivinova, Member
  • Junya Morooka, Member
  • Jeremy Wade Morris, Member
  • Scott Morton, Member
  • Megan Mullen, Member
  • Diana Iulia Nastasia, Member
  • Sorin Nastasia, Member
  • Mariano Emmanuel Navarro Arroyo, Member
  • Motti Neiger, Member
  • Russell A. Newman, Member
  • Hannu Veli Nieminen, Member
  • Brice Nixon, Member
  • Jane O'Boyle, Member
  • Len O'Kelly, Member
  • Bassey Ibiang Okon, Member
  • Samantha Oliver, Member
  • Tony Ezenweze Onyisi, Member
  • Jeremaiah Manuel Opiniano, Member
  • Brett Oppegaard, Member
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  • Jeff R. Patterson, Member
  • Sharrona Pearl, Member
  • Timothy Shaw Penn, Member
  • Zrinjka Perusko, Member
  • John Durham Peters, Member
  • Jennifer Petersen, Member
  • Thomas Petersen, Member
  • Victor W. Pickard, Member
  • Kattia M. Pierre Murray, Member
  • Amit Pinchevski, Member
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  • Rachel Plotnick, Member
  • Jefferson D. Pooley, Member
  • Paschal Preston, Member
  • Linchuan Jack Qiu, Member
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  • Philippe Raimbult, Member
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