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In the past decades, children and adolescents have become the defining users of many entertainment media and media technologies. Despite a booming media industry specifically aimed at children and young people, relatively little is known about the contents, uses, and implications of these media productions. The rapidly developing changes in young people's media environment provide an important raison d'etre for a this division within ICA that specifically focuses on the role of different media in children's and adolescents' lives.

The Children, Adolescents, and the Media (CAM) division strives to be a fruitful intellectual forum for academics from all over the world who study the role of media in the lives of children and young people. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas among scholars of different backgrounds and disciplinary orientations, informed by a variety of theoretical and empirical approaches.

CAM aims to cover all media and technologies aimed at and/or used by children and young people: It focuses on the production, content, uses, and reception of both print and electronic media. CAM's orientation is interdisciplinary: It attempts to draw on and contribute to communication theory, but also to psychological, sociological, cultural and critical theories. CAM's approach is multi-methodological: It welcomes all theoretical and empirical studies based on quantitative and qualitative research methods.











New information that is relevant for the CAM membership will be updated soon. If you'd like to share calls for papers, vacancies, or other information with CAM members, please email Karin Fikkers (CAM secretary).



Media and Communication is accepting proposals for the special issue "Adolescents in the Digital Age", edited by Dan Romer, by 31 August 2015.

Title: Adolescents in the Digital Age: Effects on Health and Development Guest Editor: Professor Dan Romer (Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania, USA)


Deadline for Abstracts: 31 August 2015

Deadline for Submissions: 30 November 2015 Publication of the Special Issue: April 2016


All relevant information regarding this special issue is available at:


Media and Communication is a peer-reviewed open access journal and readers will have immediate and free access to all articles published in the special issue (the journal does not charge any subscription fees).

Plus, authors can freely share their articles and post them on any website or repository without any restrictions.

As publishing is not without its costs the journal needs to defray all production costs through an article processing charge of â?¬800 for each accepted article. Authors are advised to check with their institutions if funds are available to cover open access publication costs. Further information about the journal's open access charges and institutional memberships can be found in the "About" webpage.



ECREA Symposium

Advertising Research ECREA Temporary Working Group
Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)
5th-6th November 2015

From the perspective of advertising, children and adolescents are highly attractive target groups. They are particularly receptive to new ideas and at the same time they are loyal to their favourite brands.

Brands already established in childhood are often used for a lifetime.

In the process of their development children and adolescents constantly look for orientation. The enticing lifestyle images advertising stages, therefore, fall on good soil. In order to find out what is "hip" mature audiences draw heavily on the younger. For advertisers children and adolescents work, as it were, as brand and product ambassadors. Of course, children and adolescents have considerable purchasing power of their own.

As a result of changing media consumption patterns among young audiences many advertisers have adjusted their strategies in targeting children and adolescents. Especially in digital media product messages are linked to popular content. No brand appealing to young audiences comes without digital "entertainment gifts": Online games, free music, movies, e-cards, screensavers, exclusive reports about stars, or new products.

Above all, the food industry is pushing this development with a lot of pressure and speed. Many of these new forms of "hybrid media content" caught between advertising and entertainment make it difficult for children and adolescents to identify commercial messages correctly.

What are the risks of these new strategies that the advertising industry applies? Which new phenomena can be observed? How do advertisers, children, adolescents and parents react to the changing conditions of commercial communication in the digital era? These questions are focused on at this year's meeting of our TWG in Madrid.


Further, in addition to the examination of the conference theme, this year?s meeting wants to provide a forum for current theoretical debates as well as empirical studies. Therefore, open panels will create space for innovative contributions. Submissions should provide special relevance or news value for the field of advertising research. We invite all colleagues, especially non-members of our TWG, to present interesting aspects of their current work.


The conference will consider both theoretical and empirical papers in form of abstracts for double blind peer reviews.

The conference also welcomes panel proposals consisting of 4 presentations. Authors should provide a 500-words abstract for a single paper proposal. Please note the author names and affiliations on an extra cover sheet followed by an anonymous abstract page. In all cases the panel proposals should consist of a panel abstract (500 words), in combination with abstracts for each of the individual presentations (500 words). Complete panel proposals only? consisting of 4 papers and a panel abstract ? are considered for presentation. No more or less than 4 presentations should form a panel proposal. The proposals should indicate a panel chair or respondent.

The conference language is English. Submitted abstracts preferably conform to APA 6th reference style. All contributions should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format or PDF format to


Submission deadline for abstracts (paper and panel proposals): 30 May 2015, 24.00 CET Notification of acceptance (paper and panel proposals): 30 June 2015 CONFERENCE

Registration and Reception

The fee for registration will be 90 Euro. Students: 45 Euro


Faculty of Media & Communication Science Av. Complutense s/n 28040 Madrid (Spain) Conference Days: 5th-6th November 2015 Patricia NuìnÞez (Chair),  Sarah Kohler (Vice Chair),  Guido Zurstiege (Vice Chair),



Mediated Girlhoods: New Explorations of Girls' Media Culture, Volume 2


Edited by Morgan Blue, University of Texas at Austin, and Mary Celeste Kearney, University of Notre Dame

Deadline: 1 October 2015


Part of Sharon Mazzarella??s ??Mediated Youth?쳌 book series for Peter Lang, this second volume of Mediated Girlhoods will feature new research on girls?? media culture.

Of particular interest are papers that expand scholarship on girls?? media beyond its conventional white, adolescent, middle-class, heterosexual, Western, and presentist frameworks.In addition, we are especially interested in the following topics:

  • visual and sonic aesthetics in girlsâ?? media
  • girls and convergent media
  • girls and media franchises
  • girls and celebrity culture
  • girlhood in reality TV shows
  • girlhood in documentary film
  • girls and music culture
  • girls?? media reception and fan practices
  • girls media production
  • girl activists and media culture
  • girls and gaming
  • girls and mobile technologies
  • girls and sports media
  • boys and girls media culture.


Please send your paper, a brief author's bio, and contact information to Morgan Blue or Mary Celeste Kearney by 1 October 2015.

Papers should be no more than 6,000 words in length.MLA citation style preferred.

Notification of accepted papers will be made by 31 December 2015.


  • Jessica R. Abrams, Member
  • Fashina Alade, Member
  • Jose Reuben Alagaran II, Member
  • Angela Alilonu, Member
  • Meryl Alper, Member
  • Margarita Alvina-Acosta, Member
  • Anthony William Amor, Member
  • Daniel R. Anderson, Member
  • Markus Appel, Member
  • Arturo Hernan Arenas, Member
  • Nindi Aristi, Member
  • Piermarco Aroldi, Member
  • Erica Weintraub Austin, Member
  • Ulla Autenrieth, Member
  • Jakki Bailey, Member
  • Susanne E. Baumgartner, Member
  • Leanne Beaudoin-Ryan, Member
  • Beatriz Becker, Member
  • Annebeth Bels, Member
  • Jay Bernhardt, Member
  • Kathleen Beullens, Member
  • Ine Beyens, Member
  • David S. Bickham, Member
  • Kimberly Bissell, Member
  • Courtney Blackwell, Member
  • Fran Blumberg, Member
  • Bradley J Bond, Member
  • James Alex Bonus, Member
  • Jonah Daniel Bossewitch, Member
  • danah michele boyd, Member
  • Aaron R. Boyson, Member
  • Cigdem Bozdag, Member
  • Jeffrey E. Brand, Member
  • J. Alison Bryant, Member
  • Moniek Buijzen, Member
  • Lawrence Byrd, Member
  • Sandra L. Calvert, Member
  • Joanne Cantor, Member
  • Gustavo Carlo, Member
  • Letizia Caronia, Member
  • Cynthia Luanne Carter, Member
  • Jessica Castonguay, Member
  • Linda Charmaraman, Member
  • Giselle Q Chen, Member
  • Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen, Member
  • Saviour Chircop, Member
  • Lilie Chouliaraki, Member
  • Drew Cingel, Member
  • Lynn Schofield Clark, Member
  • Lennert Coenen, Member
  • Teresa Correa, Member
  • Charisse L'Pree Corsbie-Massay, Member
  • Shelia Cotten, Member
  • Sarah M. Coyne, Member
  • Kathleen Custers, Member
  • Sonya Dal Cin, Member
  • Anthony Mark Dalessandro, Member
  • Maja Sonne Damkjaer, Member
  • Simone M. de Droog, Member
  • Dian Afina de Vries, Member
  • Dave Deckert, Member
  • Anouk H. den Hamer, Member
  • Everette E. Dennis, Member
  • Roger Desmond, Member
  • Alexander Dhoest, Member
  • Patricia Dias, Member
  • Camilo Cesar Diaz Pino, Member
  • Anne Dickmeis, Member
  • Ed Donnerstein, Member
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