Interpersonal Communication


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The Interpersonal Communication Division is interested in communication processes that occur between people. Such processes include (but are not limited to) mutual influence, individuals' aptations to others, people's interpretations and reactions to others' messages, and so forth. Interpersonal communication occurs in many contexts, such as close relationships, organizations, health, intercultural, intergroup, and many others.  Interpersonal communication also occurs through a variety of channels, including face-to-face interaction, telephone conversations, and interactions via computers.

The division's goal is to encourage theoretical and practical advances in the study of interpersonal communication.


Call for papers:

“Online Courtship: Interpersonal Interactions across Borders”
Editors: I. Alev Degim, James Johnson and Tao Fu
We are seeking papers for an edited volume on Online Dating practices across the world. The volume will be published by the Institute of Network Cultures, from Amsterdam in 2014 and all the papers will go through blind review process. You can find previous publications by INC on the website:
The authors can explore the following topics, but are not limited to:
  • Online Dating practices in specific countries (case studies),
  • Online dating and cultural practices,
  • Online dating as discourse,
  • Social norms and traditions as continuations and/or conflicts on online environments,
  • Psychological and social implications of online dating,
  • Political economy of online dating (monopolies and conglomerates controlling our emotional world),
  • Self-presentation of males and females in dating TV programs and at online dating sites,
  • Globalization, neo-liberalism, and online dating,
  • Online dating and identity, race, gender, sexual orientation.
Abstracts of 500 words should be sent to until 5 December 2013. We will contact authors of the accepted manuscripts by early January with further details.



  • Timothy R. Levine, Chair
  • Ascan F. Koerner, Vice-Chair
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