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The Journalism Studies Division of the International Communication Association is concerned with journalism theory, journalism research, and professional education in journalism. The division invites a wide array of theoretical, epistemological and methodological approaches, all of which are united around an interest in journalism and share the aim of enhancing existing understandings of how journalism works, across temporal and geographic contexts. The division is intended to facilitate empirical research and to bring more coherence to research paradigms, and in so doing, to further support the professionalization of journalism studies and journalism education. With journalism as its focus, the division will create a setting in which scholars employing different kinds of academic approaches can engage in dialogue. It would be a clearinghouse for the wide range of scholarship on journalism.


JES2015 Call for Participation in the Journalism Entrepreneurship Summit 2015

Journalism entrepreneurship isn’t new. What is new is the level of interest in the theme from both inside and outside of the academy fuelled in no small measure by the pace and scope of technological advance. The topic, which has been a staple at startup events[1] and industry conferences for some time[2], is now also increasinglydiscussed in journalism education (e.g. Hunter & Nel 2011), government[3] and scholarly[4] circles.

Still rare, though, are platforms where these various discourses connect. That is the aim of the Journalism Entrepreneurship Summit to be held on 27 February 2015 in London.

The interactive day will commence with four panels charged with reflecting on the experiences and future expectations of (1) journalism entrepreneurs; (2) funding and support agencies; (3) policy makers; and (4) researchers. Rapporteurs will then feed summaries back into a plenary workshop during which all participants will consider priorities for further action and opportunities for increased collaboration. Participants will be encouraged to continue conversations during a networking reception and dinner. An open invitation for participation is extended to researchers and educators who wish to contribute case studies and present overviews of issues and concerns in journalism entrepreneurship research and teaching. Contributions as panel rapporteurs are also invited. It is expected that this forum would be especially valuable to scholars seeking feedback on completed studies and working papers, and also to those who would like to grow their network of collaborators for future research.

Confirmed contributors include:
Charlie Beckett is founding director of the think-tank POLIS and Professor in The Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics.

• Elliot Hughes is the founder of the Brown Moses Blog and the investigative journalism site Bellingcat, and has pioneered the use of open source investigation in conflict zones.

• Douglas White is Head of Advocacy at the Carnegie UK Trust. He oversees the Trust’s Neighbourhood News and Library Lab programmes and leads the organisation’s working on tackling digital exclusion. He is a Fellow of the RSA.

Jane Singer is Professor of Journalism Entrepreneurship and Innovation at City University London.

Convenor:  François Nel is Director of the University of Central Lancashire’s Media And Digital Enterprise (MADE) Project, a winner of the International Press Institute’s inaugural News Innovation Contest sponsored by Google. From January 2015, he will also be a Visiting Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University.

Proposed Timeline:
Call: November 2014
Presentation Proposal Deadline: By 23 January 2015
Confirmation: By 30 January 2015

Participants are asked to register their interest HERE and are encouraged to contact the conference convenor François Nel to discuss potential contributions at You can also follow the conversation on #jes2015 on Twitter at @jpreneursummit.

We are very pleased that following on from the summit will be two other great events that may be of interest to those concerned with journalism entrepreneurship – the Talk About Local Unconference to be held at the British Library on Saturday 28 February. Details at: A breakfast meetup of the UK Data Journalism Educators group (#ddjedu) is also scheduled for 28 February. For details contact the #DDJedu convenor François Nel and follow the Twitter group ddjedu.

Selected Reference:

Hunter, Anna and Nel, François (2011) Equipping the Entrepreneurial
Journalist: An Exercise in Creative Enterprise, Journalism & Mass
Communication Educator, 66: 1, pp 9-24.

[1] In 2011, the International Press Institute launched the News
Innovation Contest sponsored by Google:

[2] In 2009, the Online News Association annual conference included a
packed-out session on entrepreneurship.

[3] In 2009, the UK government’s Digital Britain Interim Report flagged concerns about how legislation was influencing local media entrepreneurship .

[4] In June 2014, a conference entitled , ‘Entrepreneurial Journalism, a renewed hope’, was hosted by the University of Castilla. A call for papers on Journalism Entrepreneurs for a special edition of Journalism Practice closes in January 2015:


  • Matt Carlson, Chair
  • Henrik Ornebring, Vice-Chair
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