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The Journalism Studies Division of the International Communication Association is concerned with journalism theory, journalism research, and professional education in journalism. The division invites a wide array of theoretical, epistemological and methodological approaches, all of which are united around an interest in journalism and share the aim of enhancing existing understandings of how journalism works, across temporal and geographic contexts. The division is intended to facilitate empirical research and to bring more coherence to research paradigms, and in so doing, to further support the professionalization of journalism studies and journalism education. With journalism as its focus, the division will create a setting in which scholars employing different kinds of academic approaches can engage in dialogue. It would be a clearinghouse for the wide range of scholarship on journalism.


ICA Journalism Studies Division Outstanding Journal Article of the Year

The Journalism Studies Division of the International Communication Association (ICA) announces its 2014 Outstanding Journal Article of the Year Award. The award competition is open to authors whose articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals in the year 2014. The winner, who will receive 500 US Dollars and a plaque, will be announced during the division’s business meeting at the ICA conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in May 2015.

What are the criteria?
To qualify for the Award, articles must have been published in English language peer-reviewed journals and have made a substantial contribution to our under-standing of the ever-changing role of journalists in societies. Examples include explorations of the circumstances in which journalists do their work; the quality of journalistic products; journalists’ relationship to audiences, sources, and other communication practitioners or roles; and the effects of their work on society and its structures, such as politics or economics. Research that has tackled these or related issues can be based on historical, critical or empirical methodology. The division especially welcomes comparative research or research that significantly extends our general, not culture-bound, understanding of journalism.

Who can nominate?
Articles must be nominated by a third person. The Award Committee does not accept self-nomination. The Committee particularly encourages journal editors to nominate articles that they deem outstanding.

What are the prerequisites for the authors?
At least one author must be an ICA member (but needs not be a member of the Journalism Studies Division).

Which journals qualify?
Nominated articles must have been published in English language in peer-reviewed journals. If the journal is not listed in ISI, evidence of the peer-review system must be supplied by the nominator.

What publication dates apply?
The nominated article must have been published in a 2014 issue of the peer-reviewed journal. Final electronic versions of accepted articles that are produced by the publisher will be accepted in cases where the last issue of the year has not yet been printed or delivered.

What must be supplied by the nominator?
The nominator must supply a pdf version of the published article and an explanation, no more than 250 words, of why the article deserves the Award.

What is the submission deadline?
February 1, 2015.

Where should the submissions be sent?
To the committee chair:

Gene Burd Outstanding Dissertation in Journalism Studies Award

This annual prize recognizes and rewards doctoral dissertation research that explains, enlightens, inspires, and improves the practice and study of journalism and communication. The winning dissertation should seek and reveal new insights, and reinforce the Journalism Studies Division’s stated aims for “scholarly effort that advances our understanding of how journalism works; and helps clarify, define and question core ideas in our field, such as news, media and journalism.” The award is named after Gene Burd, Professor of Journalism at the University of Texas, who endowed it to help reinforce the Journalism Studies Division’s purpose in supporting scholarly work that advances our understanding of journalism. The award is open to a diversity of methods and topics within journalism studies.

Amount of prize: $1,000, made possible through the generous support of Gene Burd and the Urban Communication Foundation.

Application Procedure: The nominated work must have been completed and defended within the two years prior to the award year (e.g., 2013/2014 for the award in 2015). All application materials must be in English. Each nomination should include: 1) an 8-10 page summary of the dissertation with no author-identifying information, addressing a) the problem addressed by the work; (b) its theoretical framework; (c) the method used; (d) key findings; (e) and a statement explaining its contribution to journalism studies; 2) a copy of the full doctoral dissertation (author-identifying information should be included); and 3) two supporting letters from faculty mentors. One of these letters must be a nomination from the graduate student’s degree advisor that includes a statement articulating the impact of the nominated dissertation and its contribution to the field of journalism studies. All materials must be submitted as PDF files.
The winner will be announced at the annual business meeting of the Journalism Studies Division of the International Communication Association. The nomination period opens December 10, 2014, and closes February 15, 2015.

Please send PDF nomination materials via email to the Chair of the Gene Burd Outstanding Dissertation Award, Tim P. Vos ( by February 15, 2015.

International Journal of Press/Politics Best Book Award

The International Journal of Press/Politics Best Book Award
Nominations are invited for the first annual International Journal of Press/Politics Best Book Award, to be sent to IJPP editor Rasmus Kleis Nielsen by email no later than February 15.

The International Journal of Press/Politics Best Book Award honors internationally-oriented books that advance our theoretical and empirical understanding of the linkages between news media and politics in a globalized world in a significant way. It is given annually by the International Journal of Press/Politics and sponsored by Sage Publications.

The award committee will judge each nominated book on several criteria, including the extent to which the book goes beyond analyzing a single case country to present a broader and internationally-oriented argument, the significance of the problems addressed, the strength of the evidence the book relies on, conceptual innovation, the clarity of writing, and the book’s ability to link journalism studies, political communication research, and other relevant intellectual fields.

Books published within the last ten years will be considered. Monographs as well as edited volumes of exceptional quality and coherence will be considered for the award. (Books by current members of the award committee are ineligible and committee members will recuse themselves from discussion of books by members of their own department, works published in series that they edit, etc.)

Nominations including a rationale of no more than 350 words should be emailed by February 15 to Rasmus Kleis Nielsen at

The nomination must specify why the book should receive the award by outlining the importance of the book to the study of news media and politics and by identifying its international contribution and relevance. Please include links to or copies of relevant reviews in scholarly journals.

Arrangements should be made with the publishers of nominated books for three hard copies to be sent by February 15 to the Rasmus Kleis Nielsen at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 13 Norham Gardens, OX2 6PS, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Award committee
The award committee consists of Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (the editor of the International Journal of Press/Politics), Jesper Strömbäck (chair of the Political Communication Division of ICA), and Matt Carlson (chair of the Journalism Studies Division of ICA).

The award will be presented at the 2015 ICA Annual Meeting and will be announced on the IJPP website.


Journalism Practice Special Issue: Entrepreneurial Journalism

This special issue of Journalism Practice will explore what is understood by entrepreneurial journalism not just in the classroom but also in industry, and examine the impact of the embrace of entrepreneurialism by the world of journalism on the world of journalism.

Submissions are invited that address themes such as:

Best practices in entrepreneurial journalism education
Issues and concerns in entrepreneurial journalism education
Comparative analysis of teaching entrepreneurial journalism
Ethics of entrepreneurial journalism
Conflict between the ethos of journalism and the values of business
Perspectives of academics, students, journalists, editors
Case studies of entrepreneurial journalism

These themes are indicative, and authors are encouraged to contact the guest editor to discuss potential articles.

Deadline for abstracts: 31 January 2015.

Abstracts should be emailed to Guest Editor: Professor Kevin Rafter, Dublin City University, Ireland,

Further information:





  • Matt Carlson, Chair
  • Henrik Ornebring, Vice-Chair
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