Organizational Communication


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Organizational Communication members seek to expand our understanding of the processes, prospects, and challenges of communicating and organizing in a global society. Our scholarship articulates concepts and theories to better understand these processes, develop the tools needed to investigate them, and helps to implement the social practices to improve them.

We examine how communication shapes and is shaped by organizing across a range of contexts, including health care, community cooperatives, government and non-government agencies, global corporations, profit and not-for-profit organizations, and virtual and geographically co-located work.

We study a variety of multi-level phenomena including: discourse and discursive practices, communication of emotions, leader-follower communication, democratic communicative practices, negotiation and bargaining, group processes and decision making, socialization, power and influence, organizational culture, organizational language and symbolism, communication and conflict, identity and identification, adoption and appropriation of communication technologies, emergence of organizational and inter-organizational networks, and new organizational forms.

We explore these processes from a multiplicity of theoretical perspectives including structuration, feminism, interpretation, performance, cultural theory, postmodernism, post positivism, complexity and self-organizing systems. We utilize eclectic methods including ethnography, discourse analysis, survey methods, network analysis, computational modeling, experiments, content analysis, rhetorical and feminist methods.

We honor Division members' achievements through a variety of awards designed to recognize achievements such as: top paper, top student paper, dissertation, outstanding member, and best interactive display awards. We advance scholarship in our division through doctoral consortia, preconferences focused on specific issues, and spotlight panels on scholars. We advance scholar-practitioner dialogue through panels sponsored by our Academic-Industry Task Force.


  • Scott C. D'Urso
  • Craig R. Scott, Chair
  • Bart J. van den Hooff, Vice-Chair
  • Keri Keilberg Stephens, Secretary
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