Philosophy, Theory and Critique


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Philosophy, Theory and Critique is broadly concerned with critical thinking that cuts across the various boundaries within the study of communication and its intersections with other modes of studying human interaction.

Consequently, it provides a forum in which scholars can explore the relations and intersections between the study of media and communication and the range of contemporary theoretical and philosophical concerns, arguments and positions. It is also committed to providing a space for those emergent interests challenging the common sense assumptions currently guiding our understanding of the practice of communication.

Its members come from many areas and subfields. The philosophical questions they raise vary greatly: from the nature of language, subjectivity or experience, to the epistemology of science and interpretation, to the politics of knowledge and communicative relations. Members bring many different philosophical orientations to bear upon these questions, including phenomenology and hermeneutics, Marxism, feminism, critical theory, media theory, post-structuralism, pragmatism, social theory and cultural critique. The Division seeks exchange, education and conversation, and it encourages tending to the differences produced by these differing orientations.

The result is that the Division offers a lively forum for contemporary ideas in the study of media and communication.



Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal Launching in 2015

Editors Michael Bull, Professor of Sound Studies, U of Sussex, UK 

Veit Erlmann, Professor of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology, U of Texas at Austin, USA


Call for Papers


Sound Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal will be an international, peer reviewed and inter-disciplinary journal in sound studies, providing a unique forum for the development of the subject within a range of disciplines such as ethno/musicology history, sociology, media and cultural studies, film studies, anthropology, philosophy, urban studies, architecture, arts and performance studies. The journal will encourage the study and research of sound by publishing submissions that are interdisciplinary, theoretical, empirically rich and critical in nature and situated at the cutting edge of sound studies. It will build upon the pioneering work of key academics in the field such as Veit Erlmann, Douglas Kahn and Jonathan Sterne, and encourage further innovative thinking.

For its inaugural issue Sound Studies invites original work on any aspect of sound that meets the above criteria.

(Print): ISSN 2055-1940

(Online): ISSN 2055-1959


Paper submission, if you wish to be considered for the first issue: 15 August 2014 

Notification of acceptance: 15 October 2014 

Final Draft submitted to editors: 15 November 2014

Initially, please submit an abstract of between 300-500 words, accompanied by a C.V. to the editors at (

If you would like your article to be considered for inclusion in the first issue of Sound Studies then abstracts should be submitted no later than 15 May 2014. Full manuscripts would need to be submitted no later than 15 August 2014. Articles submitted after this date will be considered for future issues of the journal.


For more information, and a copy of the journal's style guide, contact the editors at or visit



  • Amit Pinchevski, Chair
  • Alison Hearn, Vice-Chair
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