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Public Relations is concerned with the theory and practice of communication between organizations and specified publics.

Members are concerned with developing a greater understanding of the theoretic basis for effective communication through both laboratory and practice of communication between organizations and specified publics. Members have research interests in such issues as target group analysis, internal/external communication integration, systems analysis and channel effectiveness. At the same time the Division is concerned with the application of theoretic advances for the solution of pragmatic public relations problems.

Members share communication techniques developed to accomplish specific Public Relations goals of consultant clients, or corporate employers. The Division goals include the development of a consulting network, a long range research program and investigation into the issues of public relations education accreditation and curriculum development.

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PhD Fellowship at University of Oslo - see for more information.

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Call For Papers

International conference BCNmeetingPR#6 Barcelona International PR 2016 Conference Barcelona,

28 and 29 June 2016


We are pleased to announce that Barcelona International PR Meeting #6 will take place next 28 and 29 June 2016 in Barcelona. The sixth edition of the conference is entitled Developing Public Relations:

Entertainment, Ethics, Innovation, Teaching, and Territories and we warmly invite you to attend.

In a crowded promotional culture, although the e-word least mentioned is extinction, no field can rest on its laurels. Writers have proclaimed the death, or at least the end of, both Advertising and Marketing.

Neither has yet happened but to secure a future, PR must keep developing. Accordingly, we suggest four areas for consideration and add some questions and suggestions below, As usual, we stress these are NOT put forward as any kind of definitive list - but as prompts for a spread of responses: entertainment, ethics ,innovation ,teaching and territories.

In line with our consistent practice as conference organisers, we invite a wide range of contributions and welcome any proposals that help explore the spectrum of concerns of developing contemporary PR. We hope to offer publishing opportunities and will keep you in touch with our progress.

*****Deadline for abstracts*****

Abstract submission for an individual presentation (abstracts of between250-300 words) or a panel (3 presenters maximum and overall submission to have 250 word abstract and 3 shorter abstracts up to 200 words each):

15 February 2016

Acceptance notification (by email) will be no later than: 22 February 2016

Early bird payment: 26 March 2016

Submission of selected papers: before the conference

Please pass this message on to your department and to colleagues who may be interested in our conference.

We hope to welcome you ? or welcome you back ? to Barcelona in 2016,

Organizing Committee

Barcelona PR Meeting #6

International PR 2016 Conference

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Dear members,

Please find attached a call for papers for an ICA pre-conference, Powers of Promotion: Apprehending the Social and Political impacts of Promotional Culture, co-sponsored by the Public Relations division.

The conference aims to create a multidisciplinary approach to promotional activities and bring together researchers from cultural studies, political communication and public relations. The conference is sponsored by the ICA divisions of Popular Communication, Political Communication, and Public Relations, thus allowing for an interdisciplinary mix of approaches.

The conference is a one-day conference with two parallel sessions of panels (see attached outline) and one keynote, which we are in the process of confirming. We plan to have a maximum of 60 people attending, and aim to create an intimate atmosphere and lively discussions over the day with an in-house lunch and coffee breaks. The Finnish Institute in Japan is providing us the locale in downtown Tokyo, and there might be some extra curriculum activities already on the 7th.

I attach the conference CFP here (deadline for abstracts: 1 December), and you can find it also in the web:

Defence, Diplomacy & Development

(Re)Shaping Societies: Global Tasks for Public Relations in the 21st Century

Monday 4th July, 2016

London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

The aim of this conference is to bring together strategic communicators working in civil society and academics to explore and discuss the role of public relations theory and practice in shaping emerging and existing societies. In recent years some public relations scholars have adopted a sociological perspective on strategic communication. This view sees the discipline as actively constructing and structuring the world in alignment with a number of structural forces - often corporate, governmental or state-based.

Such theories draw on a socially constructed epistemology (Heide, 2009; Ihlen and van Ruler, 2009) through which strategic communications practice ?produce[s] a common social reality? (Heide, 2009: 43).

Applications of these sociological analyses have tended to operate either at a theoretical level (Ihlen et al, 2009) or from a distinct critical perspective, employing concepts such as discourse theory or adopting readings of public relations as a cultural intermediary (Hodges, 2006).

The aim of this conference is to move beyond studies of what could be considered meso-level activities, such as marketing or corporate communication campaigns (Ihlen and van Ruler, 2009: 3) to focus scholarly attention on, arguably, macro-level communications activity and the ways it is responsible for shaping the values and norms of societies.  In particular we are interested in understanding how the increasingly professionalised and globalised discipline of public relations (Freitag and Stokes, 2009; Gannon and Pillai, 2013) shapes emerging societies in post-conflict or transitional environments. To advance such interests we have devised three thematic strands for the conference:

  • Defence: how are the military and intelligence agencies

using communication strategically to prepare for, manage and embed specific state-focused or governmental aims? For example, how are 'information ops' deployed to destabilise hostile regimes; how is public relations used to communicate with civilians in conflict or post-conflict zones; how can strategic communications be used for coalition-building among local stakeholders (politicians, tribal elders, aid agencies, etc)?

  • Diplomacy - what communication strategies adopted by

governments or inter-governmental organisations, such as the UN or NATO, are used to achieve opinion or behaviour change? This could include studies of inter-governmental lobbying for policy or regime change; the role of social media in engaging civilians as part of 'public diplomacy' campaigns; how can strategic communication - both interpersonal and external ? be used in negotiation situations, e.g. terrorism, back-channel diplomacy, peace negotiations, etc?

  • Development - how is public relations used by stakeholders

in supporting social development? This could include direct public-facing activity by NGOs and aid agencies, such as in-region public health awareness campaigns, the use of public relations in lobbying for aid budgets and aid programmes. Also, what role does PR play in higher ideas around progress, social integration, peace and social justice.

Although these themes lend themselves to the 'global tasks' facing public relations, we are also interested in receiving submissions about public relations' role in shaping established societal frameworks - providing they cover some of the main issues raised above.

Call for papers

We welcome submissions that adopt a critical as well as functional account of public relations in the above contexts. The overarching aim of the conference is to encourage collaboration and partnership between practitioners and academics to develop new thinking across the field. We encourage challenging and thought-provoking proposals from individuals, groups or organisations. The best papers will be selected to go for review by the Journal of Communication Management who will publish a Special Issue in support of the Conference.  To submit a paper for presentation at the conference, please email abstracts (300-500 words) to

The deadline for abstract submission is 15th February 2016.

Full details are available at

Gloria Walker, ABC, FRSA,CertGA

Consultant in Strategic Communication

52 Melbury Avenue

Southall, Middlesex  UB2 4HT

United Kingdom



  • Adedayo L. Abah, Member
  • Melissa Adams, Member
  • Nessa Adams, Member
  • Bagila Abilmozhinovna Akhatova, Member
  • Eno Akpabio, Member
  • Ibrahim A Al-Beayeyz, Member
  • Jose Reuben Alagaran II, Member
  • Othman M. AlArabi, Member
  • Angela Alilonu, Member
  • Francois Allard-Huver, Member
  • Jennifer Allen Catellier, Member
  • Emmanuel C. Alozie, Member
  • Margarita Alvina-Acosta, Member
  • Betsy D. Anderson, Member
  • Ron Anderson, Member
  • Colleen Arendt, Member
  • Giselle A Auger, Member
  • Erica Weintraub Austin, Member
  • Lucinda L. Austin, Member
  • Caroline Avila, Member
  • Philipp Bachmann, Member
  • Barbara Baerns, Member
  • Oliver Baisnee, Member
  • Amal Bakry, Member
  • Zhuo Ban, Member
  • Mariana Barresi, Member
  • Janice Barrett, Member
  • Jennifer L. Bartlett, Member
  • Maha Bashri, Member
  • Lauren Bayliss, Member
  • Adam Bednarek, Member
  • Guenter Bentele, Member
  • Bruce K. Berger, Member
  • Julio J. Bermejo, Member
  • Judith Anne Betts, Member
  • Lukasz Bogucki, Member
  • Carl H. Botan, Member
  • Allan Richard Botica, Member
  • Mark Boukes, Member
  • Sophie Boulay, Member
  • Janet A. Bridges, Member
  • Rowena Lyn Briones, Member
  • Peter Bro, Member
  • Peggy Simcic Bronn, Member
  • Kathleen Megan Brown, Member
  • Marjorie Buckner, Member
  • Alexander Buhmann, Member
  • Roland Burkart, Member
  • Patrice M. Buzzanell, Member
  • Lawrence Byrd, Member
  • Maria Cabrera-Baukus, Member
  • Glen T. Cameron, Member
  • Maria Jose Canel, Member
  • Jose Carre?o Carlon, Member
  • Craig E. Carroll, Member
  • Meta Gail Carstarphen, Member
  • Sarah Cavanah, Member
  • Milda Celiesiute, Member
  • Constance Chay-Nemeth, Member
  • Wai Hsien Cheah, Member
  • Giselle Q Chen, Member
  • Yi-Ru Regina Chen, Member
  • Lisa Volk Chewning, Member
  • Moonhee Cho, Member
  • Jounghwa Choi, Member
  • Myoung-Gi Chon, Member
  • Lilie Chouliaraki, Member
  • Mikkel Soelberg Christensen, Member
  • Erica Ciszek, Member
  • An-Sofie Claeys, Member
  • Dane S. Claussen, Member
  • Esther A. N. Cobbah, Member
  • Colleen Connolly-Ahern, Member
  • Charles Conrad, Member
  • Nicola A. Corbin, Member
  • Robert L. Cox, Member
  • Emily M. Cramer, Member
  • Andrew Jared Critchfield, Member
  • Patricia A. Curtin, Member
  • Mathis Danelzik, Member
  • Scott Davidson, Member
  • Estelle de Beer, Member
  • Maria De Moya, Member
  • Kate Delmo, Member
  • Kristin Demetrious, Member
  • Bree Devin, Member
  • Susanne Dida, Member
  • Corne Dijkmans, Member
  • Harcourt Whyte Dike, Member
  • Lindsey Jo DiTirro, Member
  • Melissa Dawn Dodd, Member
  • Marya L. Doerfel, Member
  • Elena Alina Dolea, Member
  • Debbie Doyle, Member
  • David Michael Dozier, Member
  • Annik Dubied Losa, Member
  • Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Member
  • Ayanna Eastman, Member
  • Heidi Hatfield Edwards, Member
  • Sabine A. Einwiller, Member
  • Mark Eisenegger, Member
  • Victoria Nkiruka Ekwughe, Member
  • Alvaro Patricio Elgueta Ruiz, Member
  • Alexandra Endaltseva, Member
  • Joseph Erba, Member
  • Elina Erzikova, Member
  • Michael Andreas Etter, Member
  • Kajsa Larsson Falasca, Member
  • Jesper Falkheimer, Member
  • Johanna Fawkes, Member
  • Sarah Bonewits Feldner, Member
  • Sherry Lynn Ferguson, Member
  • Jasper Colin Fessmann, Member
  • Christian Fieseler, Member
  • Andrew Finn, Member
  • Caroline Fisher, Member
  • Jane E. Fitzgibbon, Member
  • Kathy Fitzpatrick, Member
  • Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, Member
  • Lois Foreman-Wernet, Member
  • Finn Frandsen, Member
  • Julia Daisy Fraustino, Member
  • Magnus Fredriksson, Member
  • Michael Friedman, Member
  • Romy Froehlich, Member
  • Michelle Gadja, Member
  • Diane Gagnon, Member
  • Norberto Gonzalez Gaitano, Member
  • Cesar Garcia, Member
  • Lynda C. Garcia, Member
  • Ruth Garland, Member
  • Effendi Gazali, Member
  • Karen Allyson Gee, Member
  • Amiso M. George, Member
  • Salma Ghanem, Member
  • W. David Gibson, Member
  • Rebecca A Gilliland Deemer, Member
  • Tamara Gillis, Member
  • Davide Girardelli, Member
  • Ursa Golob, Member
  • Lina Gomez, Member
  • Aleksandra Sasa Gorisek, Member
  • Joseph Graf, Member
  • Christina Grandien, Member
  • Geoffrey Michael Graybeal, Member
  • Cary A. Greenwood, Member
  • James E. Grunig, Member
  • Larissa A. Grunig, Member
  • Aloysius Bernanda Gunawan, Member
  • John Paul Gutierrez, Member
  • Kyungjin HA, Member
  • Regula Haenggli, Member
  • Sophie Hagerty, Member
  • Michael L. Haley, Member
  • Gregor Halff, Member
  • San Ararat Halis, Member
  • Michael Hallermayer, Member
  • Gang (Kevin) Han, Member
  • Rebecca A. Hayes, Member
  • Robert L. Heath, Member
  • Kylah Jae Hedding, Member
  • Francois Heinderyckx, Member
  • Alison Mary Henderson, Member
  • Georgeta Mioara Hodis, Member
  • Olaf Hoffjann, Member
  • Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Member
  • Jochen Hoffmann, Member
  • Nadine Christina Hoffmann, Member
  • Jerri Lynn Hogg, Member
  • Teresa Holder, Member
  • Derina R. Holtzhausen, Member
  • Linda Hon, Member
  • Lei Vincent Huang, Member
  • Qing HUANG, Member
  • Yi-Hui Huang, Member
  • Nell C Huang-Horowitz, Member
  • Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke, Member
  • William Husson, Member
  • Syed Arabi Idid, Member
  • Oyvind Ihlen, Member
  • Heewon Im, Member
  • Diana Ingenhoff, Member
  • Rajul Jain, Member
  • Melissa Janoske, Member
  • Stefan Jarolimek, Member
  • You Jin Jeong, Member
  • Yi (Grace) Ji, Member
  • Yan Jin, Member
  • Winni Johansen, Member
  • Melissa A. Johnson, Member
  • Nia Johnson, Member
  • Laurie E. Jones, Member
  • Amy B. Jordan, Member
  • Jungmi Jun, Member
  • Marc Christian Wilhelm Jungblut, Member
  • Edibe Betul Karbay, Member
  • Michael B. Karlsson, Member
  • Dorien Kartikawangi, Member
  • Sherri Jean Katz, Member
  • Kiranjit Kaur, Member
  • Kerk F. Kee, Member
  • Amanda Kate Kehrberg, Member
  • Tom Kelleher, Member
  • William Kelvin, Member
  • Emily Kendirck, Member
  • Amanda Kae Kennedy, Member
  • Michael L. Kent, Member
  • Peter Kerkhof, Member
  • Eyun-Jung Ki, Member
  • Hyang-Sook Kim, Member
  • Jeesun Kim, Member
  • Ji Min Kim, Member
  • Sora Kim, Member
  • Soyoon Kim, Member
  • Young Kim, Member
  • Yungwook Kim, Member
  • Spiro K. Kiousis, Member
  • Jan Kleinnijenhuis, Member
  • Thomas Knieper, Member
  • Thomas Koch, Member
  • Anna Kochigina, Member
  • Jan Niklas Kocks, Member
  • Christian Kolmer, Member
  • Castulus Kolo, Member
  • Christine Korn, Member
  • Arunima Krishna, Member
  • Dean Kruckeberg, Member
  • Alla Kushniryk, Member
  • Jyldyz Kuvatova, Member
  • Claudia Labarca, Member
  • Andrew L. Laing, Member
  • Heather LaMarre, Member
  • Alexander V Laskin, Member
  • Bo Laursen, Member
  • Jennifer Le, Member
  • Yuan Le, Member
  • Cheng Ean Lee, Member
  • Mary Lee, Member
  • Moon J Lee, Member
  • Sun Young Lee, Member
  • Eleftheria J Lekakis, Member
  • Maria E. Len-Rios, Member
  • Abbey Blake Levenshus, Member
  • Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Member
  • Benqian Li, Member
  • Cong Li, Member
  • Ying Li, Member
  • Ming-Ching Liang, Member
  • HyunJi Dana Lim, Member
  • Joon Soo Lim, Member
  • Rebecca Ann Lind, Member
  • Brieuc Lits, Member
  • Robert Littlefield, Member
  • Brooke Fisher Liu, Member
  • Sonia Livingstone, Member
  • Leena Louhiala-Salminen, Member
  • Alessandro Lovari, Member
  • Xinyu Lu, Member
  • Sam Luna, Member
  • Yi Luo, Member
  • Vilma L. Luoma-aho, Member
  • Steve Mackey, Member
  • Jim Macnamara, Member
  • Stephanie Madden, Member
  • Ann Marie Major, Member
  • Pablo Ignacio Matus Lobos, Member
  • Steven K. May, Member
  • Sheila Marie McAllister, Member
  • Ashley Alice McConnell, Member
  • David McKie, Member
  • Ed McLuskie, Member
  • Shahrina Md Nordin, Member
  • Rebecca J. Meisenbach, Member
  • Linjuan Rita Men, Member
  • Juan Meng, Member
  • Christopher J. Miles, Member
  • Rahul Mitra, Member
  • Ali Noor Mohamed, Member
  • Juan-Carlos Molleda, Member
  • Therese Eva Maria Hedman Monstad, Member
  • Sudhakar Narayan Morankar, Member
  • Maria Mordivinova, Member
  • Derek Moscato, Member
  • Debashish Munshi, Member
  • Nancy W. Muturi, Member
  • Diana Iulia Nastasia, Member
  • Sorin Nastasia, Member
  • susilowati natakoesoemah, Member
  • Bonita Dostal Neff, Member
  • Rico Neumann, Member
  • Douglas Newsom, Member
  • Lan Ni, Member
  • Anne Ellerup Nielsen, Member
  • Todd M Norton, Member
  • Rah Utami Nugrahani, Member
  • Chido Benedict Nwakanma, Member
  • Godwin Ehiarekhian Oboh, Member
  • S. Senyo Ofori-Parku, Member
  • Bassey Ibiang Okon, Member
  • Nnanyelugo Okoro, Member
  • Bolanle A. Olaniran, Member
  • Jeremaiah Manuel Opiniano, Member
  • Janis Teruggi Page, Member
  • Michael J. Palenchar, Member
  • Josef Pallas, Member
  • Zhongdang Pan, Member
  • Augustine Pang, Member
  • Candace P Parrish, Member
  • Paola Pascual-Ferra, Member
  • Jannet Pendleton, Member
  • Timothy Shaw Penn, Member
  • Timothy S. Penning, Member
  • Lori M. Petite, Member
  • Elizabeth Lauren Petrun, Member
  • Magda Pieczka, Member
  • Bruce Pinkleton, Member
  • Donnalyn Pompper, Member
  • Gina Poncini, Member
  • Hanna Puaczewska, Member
  • Gusti Ngurah Putra, Member
  • Matthew Wade Ragas, Member
  • Philippe Raimbult, Member
  • Joel Rasmussen, Member
  • Peter Ravikumar, Member
  • Bryan H. Reber, Member
  • Gisela Redeker, Member
  • Juan Ren, Member
  • Ronel Rensburg, Member
  • Ronel Susan Rensburg, Member
  • Annerie Reyneke, Member
  • William Webb Robertson, Member
  • Jennifer L Robinette, Member
  • Jennifer A. Robinson, Member
  • Felipe Rodrigues Siston, Member
  • Ulrike Roettger, Member
  • Soojin Roh, Member
  • Kristine L Rosa, Member
  • Katherine E. Rowan, Member
  • Manfred Ruehl, Member
  • Kristin Runge, Member
  • Uta Russmann, Member
  • Murat Sahin, Member
  • Ademagba Samson Sambe, Member
  • Roslyn M. Satchel, Member
  • Laura Sawyer, Member
  • Adriane Schmidt, Member
  • Nicholas Brigham Schmuhl, Member
  • Mario Schranz, Member
  • Douglas Schules, Member
  • Friederike Schultz, Member
  • Donald F. Schwartz, Member
  • Tiffany Lynn Schweickart, Member
  • Muriel E. Scott, Member
  • Deanna Dee Sellnow, Member
  • Deborah Dee Sellnow-Richmond, Member
  • Hyunjin Seo, Member
  • Serdar Sever, Member
  • Autumn Shafer, Member
  • Narjis Shahzad, Member
  • Jae-Hwa Shin, Member
  • Sumin Shin, Member
  • Gabriele Siegert, Member
  • Peter Simmons, Member
  • Ali Simsek, Member
  • Marianne D. Sison, Member
  • Erik Marinus Snoeijers, Member
  • Dongyoung Sohn, Member
  • Erich James Sommerfeldt, Member
  • Hyunsang Son, Member
  • Baobao Song, Member
  • Xu Song, Member
  • Justin D Southern, Member
  • Julia A. Spiker, Member
  • Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, Member
  • Alice Srugies, Member
  • Godfrey A. Steele, Member
  • Helena Maria Stehle, Member
  • Sean Michael Stewart, Member
  • Juliette Storr, Member
  • Nadine Strauss, Member
  • Jesper Stromback, Member
  • Kang Hoon Sung, Member
  • Elizabeth P. Swayze, Member
  • Maureen Taylor, Member
  • Petra Theunissen, Member
  • Kerstin Thummes, Member
  • Victor Tiberius, Member
  • Albert R Tims, Member
  • Margalit Toledano, Member
  • Jerzy Tomaszczyk, Member
  • Katrin Tonndorf, Member
  • Dr. Swapnil Sudhakar Torne, Member
  • Simon Torp, Member
  • Elizabeth L. Toth, Member
  • J Louis Travis, Member
  • elira turdubaeva, Member
  • Nur Uysal, Member
  • Bob Robbert Nicolai van de Velde, Member
  • Toni G.L.A. van der Meer, Member
  • margaretha margawati van Eymeren, Member
  • Betteke A.A. Van Ruler, Member
  • Matthew S. VanDyke, Member
  • Shari R. Veil, Member
  • Dejan Vercic, Member
  • Piet Verhoeven, Member
  • Jacek Walinski, Member
  • Gloria Stackpole Walker, Member
  • Anan Wan, Member
  • Hua-Hsin Wan, Member
  • Ruoxu Wang, Member
  • Shiquan Michael Wang, Member
  • Yan Wang, Member
  • George Okado Wanyama, Member
  • Franzisca Weder, Member
  • Stefan Wehmeier, Member
  • Robert H Wells, Member
  • Michael J. West, Member
  • Nicole M. Westrick, Member
  • Candace L. White, Member
  • Douglas S Wilbur, Member
  • Wioletta Wilk-Regula, Member
  • Willow Williamson, Member
  • Laura Willis, Member
  • John A. Williston, Member
  • Katharina Wolf, Member
  • Jungyun Won, Member
  • Robina Xavier, Member
  • Ying Xiong, Member
  • Sifan Xu, Member
  • Hsin-Yen Yang, Member
  • Hendri Yani, Member
  • Lan Ye, Member
  • Nadine A. Yehya, Member
  • Charis Yeo, Member
  • Su Lin Yeo, Member
  • Laura E Young, Member
  • RS Zaharna, Member
  • Mari Luz Zapata-Ramos, Member
  • Barbie Zelizer, Member
  • Ai Zhang, Member
  • Di Zhang, Member
  • Tianduo Zhang, Member
  • Weiwu Zhang, Member
  • Xiaochen Zhang, Member
  • Xiaoqun Zhang, Member
  • Yue Zheng, Member
  • Lynn M. Zoch, Member
  • Natascha M.E. Zowislo-Gr?newald, Member
  • Chiara Valentini, Chair
  • Katerina Tsetsura, Vice-Chair
  • Lee Edwards, Secretary
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