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Public Relations is concerned with the theory and practice of communication between organizations and specified publics.

Members are concerned with developing a greater understanding of the theoretic basis for effective communication through both laboratory and practice of communication between organizations and specified publics. Members have research interests in such issues as target group analysis, internal/external communication integration, systems analysis and channel effectiveness. At the same time the Division is concerned with the application of theoretic advances for the solution of pragmatic public relations problems.

Members share communication techniques developed to accomplish specific Public Relations goals of consultant clients, or corporate employers. The Division goals include the development of a consulting network, a long range research program and investigation into the issues of public relations education accreditation and curriculum development.

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Barcelona International PR 2015 Conference

Barcelona, June 30th and July 1st 2015

*****Call For Papers*****

We are pleased to announce that Barcelona International PR Meeting #5 will take place next 30th June and 1st July, 2015 in Barcelona. The fifth edition of the conference is entitled:

Theory in Practice in Public Relations through to the Fully-Functioning Society: Papers in Honor of Professor Robert Heath

Almost a decade on, although the names of the planets may vary, few would deny van Ruler's (2005) identification of a massive gap in her claim that "Professionals are from Venus, Scholars are from Mars." Yet a history of interplanetary communication can be found in Professor Bob Heath's distinguished career in consulting and the academy. This conference wish to honor those achievements not just by recognizing the work but by evaluating the legacy and by building on it. Such is the range of his oeuvre, and the multiple linking of theory and practice, that this puts few limitations on this call for papers. Accordingly, while we particularly welcome proposals for papers or panels that draw from, or contest, his work on PR issues, PR Theory, Crisis, Rhetoric, Risk, and the Fully-Functioning Society, we are also open to general papers in those areas not linked to Heath's work.

*****Deadline for abstr*cts*****

To submit an abstract for an individual presentation of between 250-300

words) or a panel (3 presenters maximum and overall submission to have

250 word abstract and 3 shorter abstracts up to 200 words each: February 16, 2015 []

Acceptance notification  will be no later than February 23,2015

David McKie, Ferran Lalueza, and Jordi Xifra Scientific Committee






Organizing Committee

Barcelona PR Meeting #5

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  • Jennifer L. Bartlett, Chair
  • Chiara Valentini, Vice-Chair
  • Lee Edwards, Secretary
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